Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Round Up

I just read a blog post with the title "Is Easter the New Christmas?" Well, yeah, in our house it kind of is. In this economy, I think a little consumerism will go a long way, especially with small businesses that need sales in a bad way. It's practically charity if you think of it that way. I've been picking up little things here and there for Olivia's Easter basket for the last few months, and have found a few fun things to share with you! 

Blue Turtle Toys in Oakwood carry Boo Bunny Ice Packs, the cutest things for boo-boos since juvenile-character licensed band-aids. The Boo Bunny has a reusable ice cube in the center that is kept in the freezer until it's needed to make an ouchy "all better." Better yet, bunny is machine washable, and extra ice cubes can be bought separately. (If your house is anything like mine, the ice cube is sure to be lost!) 

Never one to pass up a unique beauty product, I snapped up Anderson Soap Company's whipped soap in a jar. Basically, it's a pudding-thick soap to be used instead of shower gel. I think Olivia will have a ball with this in the bath, and for just $5 a pop, I bought two - Sassy Strawberry and Cotton Candy. Can't find the scent you want? Anderson Soap Company makes custom scents. 

Half Price Books is a great place to find seconds and overstocks of great books, music, and more. At our local store, I found a copy of The Pigeon Loves Things that Go!, available online at Flying Peas. I paid $3.48 at Half Price, but Flying Peas offers it for just a little more - $7. This series of Pigeon books is adorable - such a lovable character -, and the board-book style will stand up to toddlers use.

I can't wait to play Easter bunny and fill Olivia's basket with these goodies - plus a healthy dose of chocolate. Share with our readers: What is your favorite Easter basket gift?