Friday, April 25, 2008

Survival of the Sweetest

Darwinists believe in survival of the fittest. Well, I am a firm follower of survival of the sweetest smelling. When my daughter started daycare, I was determined she be the best smelling baby so teachers would want to snuggle and love on her all day long. Let's keep it real; sour-smelling kids just aren't cool.

The best product on the market I've found is from Everyday Minerals. Their Lavender Everyday Everywhere keeps Olivia smelling pretty as a flower all day long. And a just $4 a pop (you can hardly do better buying the off-brand at the grocery store!), I can afford to slather it on. Her cheeks tend to be dry, and this product does the trick to make her complexion as smooth as a baby's - well - bottom.

My own skin care routine involves Everyday Minerals. I swear by their All-Natural Powder Foundations and their soft bronzer gives my pale Midwest skin the kick it needs.

Everyday Mineral has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy. If you're not as happy and I am with their products, return them within 60 days for a full refund. So, go ahead. Click the link and start shopping. You have nothing to lose!

Congrats Sharon S., winner of a custom kit from Everyday Minerals. 


Elyn said...

Do you have to order Everyday minerals online or can I get them at Sephora?

Cool Midwest Mom said...

Right now, Everyday Minerals is only online and at spas. Sephora does carry other mineral-based make up, but it's way more expensive than Everyday Minerals.