Sunday, April 20, 2008

Welcome to the Cool Midwest Mom Blog

Hi. Welcome.
I am a mom from southwest Ohio. Since the birth of my 10-month-old daughter, Olivia, I have been on the look out for how to be a cool mom from the midwest. 
Using the Internet (thank God for overnight shipping), I have figured out how to have everything a Midtown Manhattan mom has - except the outrageous cost of living! 
This blog is my journey toward coolness. You're the beneficiary of my hard work and research! All you have to do is point, click and read my secrets for being the coolest mom in the neighborhood. What to buy, what to do, who to read, and how tos. 

My first recommendation is Cool Mom Picks (thanks ladies of CMP for inspiring my blog name). Their site is truly always my first stop of my morning Internet browsing. Their daily updates of coolness keep me and Olivia big-city trendy in the comfort of our Ohio life. They almost always strike a promotional discount deal with the product they profile and have daily contests to win prizes from their loot. 
The ladies of CMP are super friendly and quick to respond to my questions. On their recommendation, I found the BEST sleep sack for Olivia who is a very long baby. Totally worth the $60, Kohlr Baby has the most adorable products to keep your baby cute and safe in her crib. Hint: Check out the clearance page. Today they have a fab animal print sack on sale for $24. Steal! 
Okay, ladies. Start shopping. If you haven't already clicked to CMP, do it now. And get your wallets ready. 

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