Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All Good in the Hood

Finding the right towel for Olivia has been a Goldilocks exercise. This one is too small. This one is too big. But this one is just right. The just right one is from Towel Hoodies, which proudly proclaims their Web site is "Home of the Round Hood." That makes me giggle.

Anyway, their towels, equally appropriate for the bath and beach, really are perfect for the inbetweenie toddler stage when you still needs a hooded towel but the packaged ones given at the baby shower are no longer cutting it. Made from 100% cotton terry cloth, Towel Hoodies come in sizes large (age 5+) and small (age birth-5). 

Even better, shoppers get to customize the ribbon trim. I chose zebra stripe. For an additional fee, the towel can be monogramed making a perfect personalized gift. A cool midwest mom from Michigan runs Towel Hoodies and makes each order by hand and is a total pleasure to do business with. Towels will run 'ya $32.

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Brenda said...

I would like to order towels for my 11 year old and 9 year old grandsons and am not sure what size to order. The 11 year old is 56” tall and weighs 70 lbs and the 9 year old is 52” tall and weighs 56 lbs. Wondering whether to order teen or kids. Thank you.