Thursday, May 1, 2008

EZ Breezy Snack Time

My diaper bag is stuffed to the brim. It is ridiculous. How does one little being require so much stuff? The wipes, the change of clothes, the toys, the extra pacifier, the diaper-changing pad, and let's not forget the diapers. Seriously! And now that Olivia is officially eating solids, we have to find room for snacks and sippy cups. 

Luckily, someone smart invented a 2-in-1 snack/sippy combo that will help moms cut down on diaper-bag clutter. EZ-Freeze Snack Time allows moms to store small crackers in the bottom compartment and their child's beverage of choice in the top. The built-in freezer gel keeps juice, milk, and water chilled while you're out running errands or playing at the park. The compartments twist apart and are the perfect size for little hands.

Olivia has one, and - not that I'm bragging or anything - I get tons of comments from strangers about what a genius product this is. Makes me feel like the smartest mom on the block. It truly is convenient and, while it might not be aesthetically trendy, it is practical. And that makes it cool. 

Available to order here for a mere 12 bucks and some change for a set of two. 

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leahwise said...

Hi Sarah,
I love the blog! You should check out This is my sisters friends web boutique, and I'm in love with her products. I'm especially obsessed with the tutus- every little girls dream!

Hope you are doing well, and I'll check the blog often. :)
Leah Wise