Monday, May 19, 2008

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair..."

While I probably should be praying for something important and worthwhile like world peace or social justice, I pray for Olivia's hair to grow. No kidding. I really cannot wait until her wispy brown curls are long enough for me to play with. The other day, I taught her how to comb her hair and let her practice on me. So girly. So fun. Sigh. 

And when her locks are longer I will totally buy these chic ponytail holders from Jack and Jane. Made in trendy color combos or custom if you wish, there's something for every one. The brilliant signature look is a button covered in fabric. How simple. How smart! Sold in sets of two for $4. Mini versions are also available. 

Shipping is always free on Fridays, if you can stand to wait until then!

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Corinna said...

Hi there! I live in the Midwest also and found your blog via Mommyfest. I really like your blog! I love to shop AND save money doing it AND find cool stuff for my kid, so I will definitely be back to see you soon!