Friday, June 27, 2008

Mad Shopping Therapy

You have to be a girl to get it - shopping is therapy... The thrill of the hunt, the find, the catch, and the high of clutching your boutique bag (or having Mr. Postman leave a box on your stoop) - the anticipation of having, owning, getting. When I'm upset, shopping is my go-to calming source. 

On a recent shopping shrink session, I stumbled upon these cute nighties by Mad Sky. Available online at Sandbox Couture, these nightgowns have an Asian flare but maintain their sweetness. Sandbox also carries little boy pajamas I dig. Check out the Army-inspired set. Who doesn't love a new pair of jammies? 

If you're not on the market for night-ware, fear not; Sandbox Couture has tons of other choices from oodles of designers making hip and trendy clothes for tots. They have a fantastic clearance page if you're a bargain hunter. They also feature a Deal of the Day. Wether you're shopping as a stress reliever or for fun (or both!), you'll find something adorable for your kid at Sandbox. 

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