Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Modern June

Being a hip housewife is an art. I'm hardly a traditional housewife bringing home more than half the bacon (sorry, honey, but it's true). When I am in domestic mode, I want to do it in style - like any other cool midwest mom. 

Modern June's Splat Mat makes a trendy addition to your tot's tabletop. Made from retro-pattern oilcloth, Splat Mats are versatile to solve many a messy woe modern moms endure. Cringe when you're kid eats off the restaurant table? Take a Splat Mat and put your mind at ease. Hate scraping art projects from the crevices of your kitchen table? Put down the Deluxe Splat Mat and voila! The best part of Splat Mats is they wipe clean easily, no matter what mess your little one creates.

Splat Mats also come with matching bibs and art smocks making them a fantastic, unique baby shower or birthday gift. Each order is customized to your fabric color and pattern specifications. Prices start at $18.

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