Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Shape of Love

Today is Miss Olivia's 1-year birthday, and I'm taking a vaca day to spend extra-special time with her. One thing I like to do on mornings were not rushing out the door to day care and work is make a hot breakfast. A family favorite is shaped pancakes.

I'm not as artistic as some; free handing hearts, stars, and butterflies is not my specialty du jour. Thank goodness for Shape-Its, a company started by one smart mama that creates molds for pancakes and other foods to make meal time play time too. 
Shape-Its come in all sorts of, well, shapes in their Pan Pal line including dinos, sheep, and whales for $5.99 each. Pan Pals are dishwasher safe (love that!) and have two handles for ease of use. 

They also have Kits themed for Easter, Holidays, Pets, and more that include 2-3 Shape-Its food forms, 2 decorating gels, 2 decorating sprinkles, and 4 food-safe markers all in a reusable vinyl bag for $16.99. That sounds like a cool bday gift to me! Shape-Its can be ordered here

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Elyn said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!!