Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gone Campin'

I'm a city girl through and through. My Midwest roots might cause people not from 'round these parts to think I am all outdoorsy, farm girl. So not the case. My idea of camping involves a hike on a well groomed trail (that has restrooms with flushing toilets along the way) and a deluxe camper with all the amenidies of home.

Even if you won't catch me roughing it any time soon, my husband insists on giving Olivia opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Fine. If we have to, then we'll do it in style.
I absolutely must have Oliver the Owl Kids Camping Sleeping Bag Set for Livvy. 

The design is on trend to a T. Owls are so right now. The sleeping bag rolls up and stores neatly in a coordinating tote. It also comes with a flashlight and matching metal water bottle. How fun? Available at Peanut Gallery Gifts for sale price of $26.99, snap this one up before it's too late. Happy camping!

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