Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who Cut the Dogs Out?

Our poor dogs, Lucy and Mia, are taking the brunt on Olivia's toddler-hood. She does not understand how to be gentle yet so her acts of affection end up being flat-out attacks on their ears and tails. The dogs are mutts - lab-something mixes - we rescued from a local shelter and are docile and loving. They don't even mind when she mounts them and bounces up and down as if they were a miniature pony!
To show Olivia's love for her lab-mutts, I'm dying to order this labrador onesie and pants set from Bella Blu Designs (recently featured on Martha Stewart's show!). The lab silhouette on the top is made from Michael Miller fabric - and notice the dog bone on the pants. Love that!
Don't have a lab? No worries. Bella Blu will create any dog silhouette you want - just convo to request.

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