Monday, September 15, 2008

All Tied Up **CONTEST**

My schedule feels all tied up recently... I just returned from a 4-day business trip out west and have no idea what time my body thinks it is (I'm writing this at 5 a.m. EST). There's so much to do at home, let alone the clean up needed at work and with my MBA school projects. And all I really want to do is snuggle up with Olivia and just be with her. 

One thing Olivia is enjoying doing is letting me play with her hair. It's become a fun way to spend time with her while getting something done - something for me, something for her. I found these super trendy fabric button ties from Bows 2 Cute, a CMM fav. These "Button Pony Os" are made from a rounded edge metal button with a traditional ponytail holder attached.

The buttons are wrapped with the fabric of your choice - more than a dozen to choose from. 
Similar products retail at shi-shi boutiques for more than $8 each. Bows 2 Cute offers two sizes, the smaller for $1.75 and the larger for $2.50. What a steal! The smaller size, 7/8" diameter, is perfect for toddlers, while the larger size 1.5", is best for young girls. I tried the smaller size on Olivia, and it does look 2 cute.

Congrats Cool Crafty Mom, winner of our contest! 

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Cool Crafty Mom said...

I love the galaxy fabric. Cool giveaway. These are very cute.