Monday, September 22, 2008

Sew Cool

Because I have infinient free time (ha!), I've taken up sewing. Never considered myself a crafter (still REFUSE to scrapbook), but there is satisfaction in making something useful from scratch, like garments. In this tough economy, I don't always have the extra cash to buy boutique, so I'm creating my own. Between knitting and sewing, Olivia is going to have a boutique wardrobe ala mom. 

The top pictured above is not complete - the sleeves still need set in and the buttons added. The pattern (by Burda, a cool Euro pattern company) was super easy for a novice like me. I got that far within a couple hours - and that's with looking up directions on YouTube! The whole thing including fabric, pattern (which has multiple options and endless uses), bias tape, and elastic was under $15. A shirt like this in a boutique would retail for twice that. 

The fabric on the hanger is for the kimono pattern (also came with the Burda pattern). It's a stretchy knit - a little harder than cotton to work with. I'm going to cut the pieces for that pattern today.

There is  whole lot of ugly out there in the crafting and sewing industry (snowman sweatshirt, anyone?). Weeding through the tacky, my goal is to make hip garments and accessories for Olivia (and maybe myself too), and possibly try my hand at designing. Who knows? Maybe I'll have a knack for it. 

That brings me to this blog... It's getting to be a hassle each week finding new products to feature, and that's no fun for anyone. The scope is going to change to cover my sewing and knitting projects, but I'll also throw in cool products I find along the way. Postings will be irregular (Hey, I work full time and am getting my MBA. Cut me some slack!) - quality over quantity, right?

Thanks as always for reading. :-)

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craftlover said...

Oh I love sewing too.
And your work is well done .. :)
I love burda pattern as well, they are quite cute.
And I found that Ottobre design is even better, you should try to order their pattern book and then try them. I already tried one jacket for my daughter, it's really nice. :)
However, need some time to trace the pattern from it.

Keep it up, Sarah! You did a great job. :)