Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sew, It has Been a While

It's been several months since I have blogged. Life has gotten in the way. Busy at work. Busy with home. Busy with school. I have wanted to blog - think about it often but haven't made time for it.

Last weekend, my friend introduced me to the wonderful world of quilting. I have been sewing more lately (and still knitting) but had mostly attempted garments for my daughter. After several frustrating starts and tearful stops, I decided to quit trying to be a seamstress to become a quilter. Quilts are mostly square with no shaping required. 

My first project was completed this afternoon - a Scrappy Do table runner made from Moda Charms. Though a fudged my way through several steps (especially the binding), I think it turned out okay. Not bad for a novice. 

My next project will be pillow covers for my living room sofa and love seat. Like many, we are giving our home mini Botox injections instead of major reconstructive surgery. Little improvements count these days. I'm thinking of doing a Log Cabin design (like this one). What do you think?

I promise it won't be 5 months before I blog again. Happy weekend!

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