Monday, April 28, 2008

Remember when having chubby thighs was cute?

Who doesn't love to pinch and tickle a roly-poly baby's legs? In fact, there's a product on the market called BabyLegs that is an accentuating accessory for those mini trunks of goodness. 

Started by a stay-at-home mom, Nicole Donnelly, BabyLegs is enjoying international success. Nicole began selling BabyLegs out of her daughter, Sara's, diaper bag. Don't you just love moms who have an idea and run with it?

BabyLegs solve so many problems for moms of pre-walkers on the go. They prevent unwanted rug burn on crawling tot's knees. They make diaper changing a snap acting as an excellent sub for tights. And they keep legs warm in cool air conditioned spaces when it's too hot for pants but too cool to go without - easy on and off.

We are huge fans of BabyLegs, and Nicole hooked us up with the latest colors and styles to try. We adore the bright stripped pattern called Popcicle. The multiple colors make it versatile to match most outfits. Olivia sported them on a recent trip to the Newport Aquarium (see pic). 

And let me tell you their SuperSoft collection is unbelievable. They feel like "butta" and come in fab patterns like Lollipop for girls and Flame for boys with 'tude. All styles start at $8. SuperSoft start at $16.

Congrags Elyn T., winner of the new BabyLegs called Phinney!

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Kristin said...

Do they make these for adults? They look comfy AND fabulous!