Monday, May 26, 2008

Living the Posh Mom Life

You know that mom who is always put together? You hate her, right? She has the most expensive diaper bag and stroller, she wears a bikini to Baby Splish-Spash class... and looks good in it, her stylish boots are never scuffed, and her kids are dressed to the nines. What if you knew all her secrets to pulling off this seemingly impossible feat?

Living the Posh Mom Life by Jara Negrin and Amy Nebens gives the inside scoop on how to be a polished modern mom. They give advice and time-saving tips on keeping your wardrobe up-to-date, entertaining and home organizing ideas, balancing work and life, and keeping your relationships in tip-top shape. The idea is ever woman can be posh with no sweat. It should be effortless and every one has potential to get there. 

Their book is an easy read, perfect for new moms or ones about to lose their minds (that's all mom's, right?). Their writing style can be overbearing and heavy on the buzz words, but overall its worth a peruse. Who knows? Maybe it will convert you to poshness.

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