Friday, May 23, 2008

Myrtle the, er, Skin Care

With the cost of fuel and food rising faster than the Supercharged Mach 5 takes a lap, any purchase beyond a necessity is well thought out. So when I spent 18 bucks on a facial cleanser, I was hoping - praying- the splurge would be worth the sacrifice. I wasn't disappointed.

Myrtle Leaf All Natural Skin Care is a line made of 100% plant-derived ingredients - essential oils and extracts - and are formulated to be anti aging. Products are handmade and smell so amazingly pure and wholesome. I look forward to washing my face every night. The granulated Lemon Myrtle cleanser has tiny scrubby nubs that leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. And did I mention how good they smell? 

Myrtle also carries toners, eye creams, and moisturizers as well as all natural make up. A package deal of skin care starts $56.

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