Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spare Change

Ever reached into your diaper bag for a spare outfit when "spit happens" only to discover you have purple shorts and a navy blue top? Completely mismatched, you're forced to make the decision of having your child go in the nude in public or wear a horrendous clashing outfit. Nude, in this case, is the preferred option.

One smart mama out there came up with a simplifying solution to this conundrum. Baby Spare Wear is a top and pants that come in a sturdy zip-up pouch that keeps your extra outfit together. Even smarter, when you do have to do a switcheroo on the road, the messy clothes go into the pouch to keep them safe from the other junk in your diaper bag; stain and smell are contained. Genius!

Available in sizes newborn to 4T, for $36 this is a worthwhile investment for you and your little one. Free shipping is comes standard. Prefer to shop up close and personal? Check here for a store near you. 

Congrats to Ann S. who won a $20 gift card to spend in their online shop. 

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