Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reduce, Eco-use, Recycle

I've been coveting oh-so-stylish Sigg bottles for some time now but haven't had the stomach to drop 20 bucks on a water bottle. Aren't I glad I didn't splurge because I recently stumbled upon a similar product that retails for half the price of Siggs, ecowaterbottles

Ecousable's Ecowaterbottles come in fashionable designs and colors. My favorite is Purple. I also like that they offer what they call Water Wrapz to enhance the design and comfort of the bottles. The Flower Power design pretty cute. Some of them look a little juvenile, but there are gems to be had.  

Asthetics aside, ecowaterbottles are reusable, making them an Earth-friendly choice. Its interior is tasteless, non-leaching, and toxin free. Recyclable themselves, the bottles are made of lightweight, stainless steel, perfect for busy moms on the go. 

Best part of all is the price - just $9.99 per bottle. 

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