Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blog Roll, Please

A new feature was added to CMM this week - Blog Roll. On the left bar, the blogs I regularly read will be updated with new feed every time they are updated. How cool is that? 

We Covet - Better Living Through Consumerism is an irreverent, often hilarious product review blog - mostly household items. Their punchy copy makes me laugh out loud.  

Oh Joy is less product reviews and more a display collection of beautiful, quirky products found online and at retail. The writer's taste is impeccable

Baby Luxe Daily has a similar format to CMM. Their focus is reviews of products for baby and parents. 

Pixie Purls is my go-to knitting blog. The writer reviews products, her projects, and also blogs about her BG (baby girl).

Manic Mommies blog and podcast are daily and weekly must-checks. Their real-world take on working motherhood makes me feel not so alone in this hectic endeavour. 

What are your favorite blogs? Send me a comment and share with our community!

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