Friday, August 1, 2008

Bonjour, Bebe Tam Tam

How smug does this sound? I bought Olivia a tambourin imported from France. 

Well, I didn't do the importing. I bought it at a boutique (Ashley and Hilary, which sadly closed last week...). But it is from France, nonetheless.

Tam Tam by Pylones Paris is a miniature kids' tambourin decorated with Euro-looking artistry (I bought the bunny). Recommended for 12+ months, they are about 6" diameter, les perfect for small hands. The sound they make isn't overly obnoxious, but I'm sure it will eventually get old. Product retails for $20.

Pylones makes other great products not easily found at mass retailers like maracas, jump ropes with funny bugs on the ends, and robot time-out timers. They aren't the cheapest option around, but they sure are tres temptingly adorable. You too will fall l'amour with them. 

Au revoir!

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