Monday, August 4, 2008

The Element of Fun in Grocery Shopping

Don't know about you, but I'm paying at least 30% more for groceries today than a year ago. It makes me sick to my stomach. Because of my day job, I understand what vendors are going through in their own cost increases, but as a consumer it is a hit to our family budget.
Enter The Grocery Game, and online resource for coupons and discounts. Here's the gist: Members get access to lists from their local grocery and drug stores that tells them what is on sale plus has a coupon available so members get the ultimate deal. For example, salad is on sale for $2.00 plus there's a coupon for $1.00 off. 
The Grocery Game keeps a huge database of what is the best deal on each product. They color code the list by okay deal (black), stock up now because it's the best deal (blue), and FREE! (green). Yes, free. There are times when the sum total of a discount plus coupon is $0!
The idea is that you stock up on the best deals even if you don't need the product creating an inventory in your home of toothpaste, soap, noodles, soup, etc. 
A nominal fee of $10 per eight weeks for one store gets members access to the weekly list. Members have to be disciplined to clip coupons each Sunday, otherwise the system is pointless. What's the best deal I ever got? $92 in groceries for $13!
Try four weeks for $1 here.

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