Friday, August 22, 2008

Cultural Kid's Music that Will Have CMMs Singing Along

Tolerable children's music is a must for CMMs. Enjoyable and educational children's music - well - that is no longer a luxury thanks to innovative Putumayo Kids.

Each CD in their line has a country or regional theme - French, New Orleans, African Dreamscape. The songs, many sung in the theme's native tongue, teach kids (and parents) about the culture in a non-preachy way.  

The songs are upbeat and have a positive message. We have the Folk Playground (check out track 2... it cracks me up!) and French Playground (Bonjour, Bonjour is our favorite) CDs and listen to them often. Olivia and I sing along together and it's a great way to pass the commute to and from day care. 

Check them out here.

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