Friday, September 5, 2008

Mom's Turn for BTS Shopping

Our local radio station is running a Back to School Botox promotion for moms. The contest calls for moms to enter a picture of their deepest wrinkle with an explanation of how their kids gave it to them. Some people are outraged by this. I think it's hilarious and fantastic! But while I'm not ready to give an up-close shot of my forehead furrow, I do subscribe to principle of back-to-school shopping for adults. If kids get to freshen their wardrobe, hair, and organization, why shouldn't moms get to too?

To start, I'm getting my hip on at Stevester. Many kudos go to Many Leaves long-sleeved women's tee with silk screened design on a delicious blue cotton garment. The Peacock Poofy Sleeve Top design is gorgeous, and I really appreciate that the T-shirt is cut different than the norm adding texture and interest. 

If your dude needs a make-over, check Stevester's collection for men. The Mountain Scenic print is the newest addition. 

There's also a clearance sale if you're on the hunt for a bargain. Go ahead. Buy something. You deserve something new. 

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