Sunday, November 23, 2008


Thanksgiving is this week. I must admit that one thing I am hugely thankful for is that I'm almost finished with Olivia's Christmas coat. This morning, I began making the collar, which is a new technique of construction for me. I started with three stitches and added one every other row until there were 21 total stitches. Then I started with the shaping by knitting twelve, turning, and knitting back to the beginning. By doing this twice and then knitting four rows in between, the collar begins to curve nicely around the neck of the garment. It's exciting to watch this happen, because I honestly wasn't sure what would happen when I started.

I decided on the location of the photo shoot for our Christmas card; the gazebo in the Oregon District where by husband proposed to me and where we had many of our wedding photographs taken. The neighborhood decorates the gazebo for Christmas, and it should be a picture-perfect spot for Olivia to model her new coat!

The other picture above is of a top started for Olivia. It has been sitting on my sewing table and needs a little attention. I should be able to finish it during one of my vacation days coming up.
Also, check out LivvySue Boutique where we added our new product, toddler bibs, this week. There are styles for boys and girls, and the original custom pattern provides maximum coverage for toddlers. Plus, they are backed with terry cloth, making them super absorbent to sop up all that messy spaghetti sauce!

Happy Thanksgiving, blog readers. 

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Knitlover said...

I have the Olivia's sewing pattern as well,
same as you, I had put it on my table for a LONG LONG time and didn't touch it....
I think I have more mood to sew recently.
And because we are planning to move soon (to Hong Kong), I guess, I won't able to sew until I settle down in Hong Kong.
I miss all my crafty stuffs here...

your FOs look great. :)