Saturday, January 10, 2009

Potty Talk

Going back to the roots of CMM, I have a product recommendation - the Boon Potty Bench

At Olivia's 18-month check up in December, her ped recommended we buy a training potty to have in the house for Olivia to get used to seeing and try sitting on, but not to actually use. Most girls are apparently able to potty train by age 2. 

A co-worker recommended the Boon model, and after seeing it I ordered immediately. I was suckered in by the multi-functional features and general coolness of the product. If you have to deal with wiping butts and endless conversations starting with "Do you have to go potty?" it may as well be done in style. 

Boon's Potty Bench is way more than a toilet. It's a toilet, toilet paper roll dispenser, book storage, and step-stool (no pun intended) all in one. Two side compartments flank the seat area perfect for storing tp, wipes, and toys and books to keep little ones occupied while they do their business. Then, when they are finished, the seat has a non-slip cover that functions as a step-stool, perfect for reaching the sink to wash hands. The sleek design comes complete with what they delicately call a "deflector shield." Basically, it is for keeping pee from spraying all over your powder room. Brilliant.

There's lots of potty talk going on in our house now. We're replacing our old cussing habits with new potty words. While it's not as much fun, I will be very happy to free up the money spent on diapers each month. The cost of the Boon was the same as what I spend on a jumbo box at the warehouse club - $34.99. Shipping was about 10 bucks but the order arrived in two days. Even better, 10% of Boon's profits are donated to children's charities. 

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Mommy In Pink said...

That is one fabulous training potty!