Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Boon Shakalaka

Enter at your own risk during dinner time at our house. It's total chaos. What's really going down is Olivia having fun at our expense. Food is flying, dogs are running, I'm yelling at the dogs to stop running for the flying food. Madness, I say. Madness.
I'm hoping Boon is the answer to my dinner time prayers, enticing Olivia to eat like a polite-society young lady. Their Groovy plate has a slip-resistant base and four customizable food compartments. Boon's Bender flatware for babies has an ingenious u-shape curve so toddlers, like Olivia, who don't have expert hand-eye coordination can get peas from their plates to their mouths. Best of all, Boon is scratch resistant and dishwasher safe. It's sold at one of my fav online haunts, Babesta.
So, I'll give it a go and order Boon's plates and flatware. It's time Olivia started learning how to behave at the dinner table and eat properly with a fork and spoon - and stop having food fights with the dogs. Please. No more food fights.

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