Monday, May 12, 2008

Vodka with a Side of Matryoshka

Shoppers can't throw a stone without hitting Matryoshka dolls this season. They are every where! Even on kid's clothing. In case your understanding of the Russian language stops at "Grey Goose Vodka, please" like mine, Matryoshka dolls are those nesting toys, usually decorated with the bodies of frumpy European grandmas in aprons, who stack one inside the other. 

PepperhemBABY, an on-trend Etsy clothing boutique, offers delightful interpretations of the Matryoshka doll fashion on infant onsies and toddler tops. Hand screen printed with non-toxic water-based inks, PepperhemBABY's designs are as cute as their methods are safe. Other progressive designs include owls, cuckoo clocks, peacocks, and skulls

I bought a Matryoshka tee for Olivia, and love her in it! The cotton the shirt is made of is super soft, and the print washes well. 

Moms don't have to be left in Siberia; they can join in on the fun with adult-sized Matryoshka tees from Pepperhem's adult fashion store for $22 a pop. Infant and toddler sized clothing starts at $16.

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Beth said...

I saw these at a craft fair recently. I love the etching she did. These are so much fun.

I'm a midwest Mom too from Michigan here from the Blog Party.