Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm So Proud to Be a Working Mom

John McCain bringing Gov. Sarah Palin to his presidential ticket as the vice-presidential nominee gave me goosebumps. Normally I would not talk politics on this blog; it's more of a space for fashion, toys, and accessories. But I cannot let this historical announcement go unmentioned - it's definitely a girl-power moment and one I am incredibly proud to share with my daughter.

Gov. Palin is an inspiration to working moms, and I am truly wowed by her tenacity taking on the challenge of stumping, debating, and fundraising all while raising a family of five, which includes a five-month-old with Down Syndrome. I was barely ready to go back to school for my MBA with one child! Regardless of your political leanings, one has to admit this is one impressive lady.

What this announcement boils down to mean to me is women can do anything they put their minds to. Anything. There is no limit to our ability. Whatever it is we want to achieve, we can. Not all of us will run for vice-president. Heck, we might not even run for secretary of our homeowners association. Whatever our passion is, the desire of our hearts, if we put a plan in place, surround ourselves with positive people, and keep our eyes on the prize, we will get there. 

Another factor in all of this is Gov. Palin's husband, Todd. Without him, she could not have gotten where she is. I feel the same way in my life. Without my husband's support, I could not be working on my master's degree or running half marathons or even working full time. It's the team effort where we encourage each other to get after our goals and aspirations that makes it work.

Okay. This went deep today. I promise a superficial posting next time. Something fun and fashionable. 

Speaking of the next post, because I am tied up with school work right now, I'm taking my posting down to 2x per week. It's all I can handle right now. Once I can do more, I will. Thanks for your support. 


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snooze said...

Thank you for your positive comments regarding Gov. Sarah Palin - it's refreshing to read well articulated thoughtful comments from another working mother.